COVID-19 Office Procedures

COVID-19 Office Procedures

Our exam rooms are open again! Rex and I are proud of our team for figuring out a safe way to allow our furry friend and their humans to come back inside. We know many other clinics in the area have not gotten to that point yet and are still limited to curb side treatments. By opening our facility again, our team hopes to provide the best care possible to all furry friends and humans alike.

When you and your companions arrive for an appointment, there are some new procedures in place Rex and I want to prepare everyone for because they are in place to keep you and our staff safe.

Rex: I know what they are! Can I go over them, CJ?

CJ: Go right ahead, Rex.

Rex: *jumps up onto a chair* Alright, now that I have everyone’s attention…

  • Everyone must wear a mask over their nose and mouth while inside the office with their pets.
  • Once in an exam room, all humans must remain in the room until everything is done. Payment too! Convenient, right?
  • All animals will be taken to the back of the clinic by one of our awesome staff members if/when treatment is needed.

CJ: You covered it all, Rex.

Rex: More convenient of an experience if you ask me. You immediately go to an exam room and stay there. Easy!

CJ: As excited as I am to have everyone inside again, I’ll be more excited when we don’t have to jump through so many hoops just to treat our patients again.

Whiskers: An old dog not wanting to learn a new trick? I’m so surprised.

CJ: That’s not it, Whiskers. I just miss how things were.

Whiskers:  I’ll say. I haven’t seen you learn a new trick in years.

CJ: It’s not a bad thing to want things to stay the same.

Whiskers: Weren’t you the one telling me how great it was having your humans constantly home these passed months?

CJ: Well, yeah.

Whiskers: See? New is different and different can be uncomfortable, but you have the ability to adapt to change.

Rex: *perks up* Whiskers! I believe you just called CJ smart!

Whiskers: I said nothing of the sort.

CJ: *smiles* Of course you didn’t, Whiskers… thank you anyway. You’re absolutely right. I should give new a chance at least especially if that means our friends and their humans can come back inside the clinic again.

Wearing masks properly and going through new social distancing procedures may seem annoying and inconvenient at times, but now is the time to learn a new trick. Following these rules allows our staff to put all their focus onto your furry friend and to provide the best care possible.

We understand that this new “normal” can be a hard adjustment, but small actions can make big impacts. The Bulverde Animal Hospital staff looks forward to working with our patients to keep our facility open and all parties healthy.

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