COVID-19 Patient Procedures

COVID-19 Patient Procedures

Hello humans! Rex and I see you have returned to learn more about dog and cat wellness. Well, things are going to be a bit different this month.

As we all have experienced, these past few months have been every dog’s dream come true- our humans have chosen to stay home with us! Recently, my mom took me to see Dr. Bulverde. I noticed some new things on this trip I think everyone should be prepared for when taking your furry friend.

Rex: Having my human home has been the best! I’ve been going on 4 walks a day!

Whiskers: *casually saunters by* Speak for yourselves. I can’t have a moment of peace and quiet anymore. Seriously, what does a cat have to do for a quality nap in the sun now a days?

CJ: Oh, come on, Whiskers, we know you love having them home.

Whiskers: *stares* Nope. *Jumps up to the window seat and sprawls out*

Rex: Come to think of it, I haven’t been able to sneak onto the bed anymore.

CJ: Well, Rex, you will probably be able to do that sooner than you think. More and more people have been leaving their homes. The other day, I was out with them for my wellness exam.

Rex: My mom is taking me next week – I heard them make the appointment. What was your visit like, CJ?

CJ: Mine was an appointment too. It seems the humans must schedule a time to bring us in, so a lot of people arriving at the same time is avoided.

Rex: That sounds like a good process. What else happened?

CJ: Once inside, all staff are wearing masks. Not all pet owners were, but my mom did and the staff was very appreciative.

Rex: Always better to be safe than sorry! I like looking out for the well-being of others.

CJ: Masks being optional for our humans is another reason why the staff needs to control how many people arrive at one time. They want humans and dogs alike to remain safe and healthy.

Small object falls from the window seat

CJ: Ouch! *looks up* Whiskers, what was that for?!

Whiskers: You forgot cats, so I was simply reminding you.

CJ: *Shakes head* You could have just said so!

Whiskers: Pushing that off the ledge was more fun.

CJ: Only for you it is… Anyway, those are the most important things you should be aware of before you go in for your visit.

The staff at  Bulverde Animal Hospital can certainly explain things further if you have any other questions or concerns before your scheduled appointment. Rex and I do agree that for the short time you are there, being aware of the procedures will help everyone safe and make every patient experience a good one!

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