Spay and Neuter Surgery in Bulverde, TX

At Bulverde Animal Hospital, we believe that spaying and neutering play a vital role in promoting the health and well-being of your pet and the community. Our compassionate team provides high-quality spay and neuter services to ensure your pet's comfort and recovery.

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Spay And Neuter Surgery In Bulverde Tx

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

Regardless of their age, all pets should be spayed or neutered. Your veterinarian can recommend the best time to schedule your pet’s surgery depending on their breed and health. Spaying or neutering isn't just about preventing unwanted litters. It's also essential for your pet's long-term health and behavior. The benefits of spay and neuter surgery include:

  • Spaying female pets before their first heat can reduce the risk of mammary cancer and eliminate the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer. Neutering males reduces the risk of testicular cancer.
  • Female pets are at risk of a severe uterine infection called pyometra. Spaying prevents this life-threatening condition.
  • Neutering male pets minimizes the risk of prostate problems as they age.
  • Neutering often decreases aggressive behaviors and territory marking in males.
  • Both male and female pets are less likely to wander in search of a mate.

Our Spay and Neuter Process

At Bulverde Animal Hospital, your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. Here’s what to expect when you bring your pet to us for spaying or neutering:

  • 1. Pre-Surgical Exam

    Your veterinarian will conduct a thorough physical exam and bloodwork to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery.

  • 2. Anesthesia and Pain Management

    We use safe anesthesia protocols tailored to your pet’s size and health. Pain management is provided before, during, and after the procedure.

  • 3. Surgery

    Our skilled veterinarians perform the procedure in a sterile, state-of-the-art environment.

  • 4. Recovery Monitoring

    We monitor your pet closely as they wake up from anesthesia, ensuring a smooth recovery.

  • 5. Post-Operative Care

    You'll receive detailed instructions for at-home care and we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure your pet is healing well.

Schedule Your Pet’s Spay or Neuter Surgery


Bulverde Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing compassionate care to your furry family members. We know how worrisome it can be to hear your pet is having surgery. Rest assured, our experienced team is well equipped to perform this routine procedure. If you're ready to schedule your pet’s spay or neuter procedure or have any questions, contact our team today.