Cancer Treatment for Dogs and Cats in Bulverde, TX

We understand how troubling it can be when a pet is found to have cancer. While a cancer diagnosis is not an easy thing to accept, advancements in veterinary medicine have made it possible for us to successfully treat many types of cancer in dogs and cats, and increase their chances for a longer, healthier life.

Routine checkups can make it easier for us to catch potential signs of cancer in your pet. Contact us today to schedule an exam.

pet tumor treatment in Bulverde, TX

Cancer Services We Provide

Bulverde Animal Hospital is pleased to provide oncology services to help diagnose, treat, and manage cancer in dogs and cats. These services include surgical removal of cancerous tumors and chemotherapeutic treatments.

It all starts with a physical examination and a conversation—we work with every pet on a case-by-case basis, exploring treatment options that best suit the individual. We want to ensure we have the resources needed to address your pet’s specific medical situation.

Will My Pet Need to See a Cancer Specialist?

If necessary, we can refer your pet to a board-certified oncologist for specialized cancer treatment. Our goal is to look at every option and use every resource available to us to give your pet the best care possible. We are happy to work closely with specialists to address your pet’s unique needs and formulate a treatment plan that will yield the most promising outcome.

Contact Bulverde Animal Hospital today to schedule a consultation with your vet.