Pet Wellness Care in Bulverde, TX

At Bulverde Animal Hospital, we believe prevention is the best medicine and that all starts with pet wellness care. Wellness exams cover many aspects of health and are specific to the distinct needs of each pet. In addition, regular dog or cat exams allow our team to maintain your pet’s health and address any issues early, before they become a problem. From young puppies and kittens to senior dogs and cats, every pet benefits from wellness care that is tailored to their needs.

Is it time for your pet’s annual checkup? Schedule their next wellness appointment with us!

pet wellness care in bulverde tx

What to Expect from A Pet Exam

Pet wellness exams serve several important functions: They help us, and you, understand your pet’s health better. Exams also enable our vet team to catch a potential illness or infection early in its development, when it can be treated more easily and cause less harm to your pet. Additionally, wellness exams give us information to help you maintain your pet’s health and quality of life and make educated decisions about their care going forward. The better you understand your pet’s health and needs, the happier and healthier they’ll be.

A typical pet wellness exam includes:

  • A nose-to-tail examination, including a reading of your pet’s heart, lungs, weight, and temperature

  • Vaccinations, if needed

  • Preventative blood and fecal testing

  • Weight management

  • A conversation about your pet’s nutrition and our recommendations

  • Treating any current medical conditions

  • Answering any and all questions you may have about your pet

The Importance of Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks and heartworms can cause serious illness in pets, and some illnesses, such as Lyme disease, can potentially get passed to your human family members. With regular wellness exams, our team can perform testing to ensure your pet is parasite-free and recommend the appropriate preventatives to protect your pet all year round. If we find any evidence of parasites, we can administer treatment right away and help you take the necessary preventative measures to keep parasites at bay.

Come See Us for Your Pet’s Next Exam

It’s natural for pets to hide when they are sick or hurt, and this makes routine wellness exams all the more important. Here at Bulverde Animal Hospital, your vet can check your pet for any abnormal health changes and recommend steps to prevent a potentially serious illness from developing. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and provide tailored recommendations to help maintain their quality of life for as long as possible. Contact our team to make an appointment with us today!