Can Cats Get Parvo?

black and white cat laying on side on comfy chair

When it comes to the health of our beloved pets, understanding the risks and prevention of various diseases is key. One question that often comes up among cat owners is whether their cats can get parvo, a term commonly associated with a highly contagious virus affecting dogs. This blog aims to shed light on this…

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How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other


When it comes to introducing dogs to each other, patience, understanding, and a calm environment are key. Whether you’re welcoming a new dog into your home or meeting a friend’s dog for a playdate, ensuring a smooth introduction can set the stage for a lifelong friendship between the dogs. At Bulverde Animal Hospital, located in…

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Are Cats Truly Nocturnal?

are cats nocturnal

Cat owners tend to be very curious about their pet’s behavior. Have you ever wondered why your cat seems more active at night or during the early morning hours? We generally owe this to cats being nocturnal, but it goes deeper than that. In this article, we’ll explore the intriguing world of feline activity patterns,…

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Do Dogs Get Hiccups?

do dogs get hiccups

Have you ever noticed your dog experiencing hiccups and wondered why? You’re not alone! Many pet owners have observed this and often have questions about it. This blog is here to shed light on the topic of hiccups in dogs, exploring the causes, occurrences, and ways to ease them. If you’re looking for more information…

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Are Dogs Omnivores? Dog Diets and More

are dogs omnivores

Are dogs omnivores? This topic is of great interest to pet owners who are keen to understand their canine companions better. We’ll dive into what makes a balanced diet for dogs, the importance of proper nutrition, and how you can make the best dietary choices for your furry family member. Should you have any questions…

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When Is It Okay to Leave Your Dog in the Car? 


As we all know, our four-legged buddies love tagging along for car rides. But have you ever wondered, “When is it okay to leave your dog in the car?” Let’s dig into this topic so you can keep your fur baby safe while running errands or traveling. And remember, if you’re ever in doubt about…

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How to Know When the Pavement Is Too Hot For Your Dog 


When it’s a beautiful sunny day, who doesn’t love going for a walk with their furry friend? But before you leash up your pup and head out the door, have you ever stopped to think if the pavement might be too hot for those sensitive paws? Why Hot Pavement Is a Concern for Your Dog…

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Understanding the Causes and Solutions for Head Shaking in Dogs 

Funny Puppy Dog On Leash Shaking Body

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered why your doggo occasionally shakes their head like they’re trying to get water off their fur—even when they’re perfectly dry. While it might look cute or funny, head shaking in dogs can sometimes be a sign that something’s off. This blog aims to demystify this behavior and offer…

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Dog Overheating

Dog Panting In Grass On Hot Day

Dog Overheating: How to Keep Your Canine Cool and Comfortable? As temperatures ascent during the summer months, it is essential to take further measures to keep our furry friends safe and comfortable throughout. Dogs are vulnerable to overheating, which can point to heatstroke and other severe health difficulties. In this article, we will look at…

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Cat Sneezes: Common Causes and Remedies

cat sneezing in Bulverde, TX

Cat Sneezes: Common Causes and Remedies As cat owners, we love our feline buddies and want nothing but the best for them. So, when we notice our beloved cats sneezing, it’s only natural to become concerned. Cat sneezes can be a common occurrence, but it can also be an indication of underlying health problems. In…

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