CJ & Rex Explain Why Yarn is Not a Safe Cat Toy and What is Safe

CJ & Rex Explain Why Yarn is Not a Safe Cat Toy and What is Safe

Hello and welcome to another riveting discussion of pet health and behavior from the most qualified experts: pets!

CJ, here, again to bring you some info to keep you in the know about your furry friends. As always, I’m joined by my pal, Rex, to guide our readers through the complexity of the canine/feline experience. Speaking of the latter, we’re focusing today’s discussion on cat issues, because we understand how important it is to reflect all of our readers’ interests, not just the ones from the prisms of our own existence – I mean… bark!

To do this responsibly, we’re inviting our feline friend-o, Whiskers, back to the studio to answer some questions.

CJ: Hiya, Whiskers!

Rex: Hello and welcome!

Whiskers: *gently drapes her Burberry coat on the empty seat next to her* Gentlemen…

CJ: Today we want to discuss a dangerous practice that many good pet owners may forget, or not even know about.

Rex: That’s right. We want to talk about your experience with yarn as a toy!

Whiskers: Ah, yes – meow. Many pet owners think that yarn is a good toy for their cats. And while this material does interest and entertain us, it also poses many risks to our health and wellness.

CJ: And why is that? Cats seem like they have so much fun with it!

Whiskers: Many kittens see the yarn and are tempted to chew or swallow it. This can be very dangerous, as yarn can cause choking and blockages. The latter will result in a possible surgical procedure, which can be very unpleasant.

Rex: I never knew this! I feel like I always see pictures of kitties playing with yarn. It seems so classic!

Whiskers: Don’t let the iconography fool you. Sometimes, yarn can find its way into the cat’s digestive system and cause potentially fatal infections. Yarn can also tangle around a cat’s body parts, resulting in anything from discomfort to serious and permanent consequences.

CJ: That is awfully scary, WOOF – sounds like responsible pet owners should lock their yarn away somewhere safe!

Whiskers: This is a great idea! The same goes for other stringed items in your home. Where possible, try to store strings where cats can’t get them or at least put them out of reach. This goes for ribbons, hair ties, knitting supplies, and more.

Rex: Surely there are some cat toys that are still safe to play with!

Whiskers: You are correct. And please don’t call me Shirley.

Rex: Woof, woof – oh, Whiskers…

CJ: What are some safe bets for kitty entertainment?

Whiskers: The classic fake mouse toys are always a hit. Other small stuffed toys and ball things that can be batted around are also great options.

Rex: It sounds to me that items that are designed to be toys are the best bet here.

Whiskers: A very astute observation, Rex! It can be tough to always watch over your cats; we’re sneaky by nature. This is why you should invest in items that are safe to play with and designed for the frisky feline.

CJ: Whiskers, it feels like I know everything sometimes, but you always remind me that there is more to learn in this world. Thank you for lending us your expertise!

Whiskers: It is my sincerest honor to educate others, CJ.

Well, that’s all the time we have, folks! Thanks for reading another enlightening chat about important cat care tips. As always, if you have questions about your cat’s health or if anything above makes you think your kitty needs special attention, call Bulverde Animal Hospital today!

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